【ARMY Voyage】 Day 5 - Ihwa Mural Village and Myeongdong︱KOREA Vlog.

2 months ago
Hello! This is Day 5 of our vlogs from our trip to Korea. In this vlog we decided to go hiking up legit a huge hill in order to visit the Ihwa Mural Village. and then ...

English subtitle

Amanda: *Squeaks*
Oh. Were you recording that?
Hi. Haha // oh god..
I just like- I don't actually think we've actually shown the room
Yeah. Mom keeps going like wuh- what does the bathroom look like?
I'm like mumma- //This is the bathroom
yeah. they added a plunger. // this is- this is - haha
Thats like the highlight of- of the bathroom. here's our plunger.// I mean I got real excited when we got it. (listen. i'm a humble girl.)
Yeah were- I guess were just like all not really clean people // yeah were not.
So it's like-// I'm the person that's like I'm completely messy until that one day where I decide decide to do like
intense cleaning and then everything is spotless and then i make it a fuckin' mess again.
*Blowing her nose* (uhhhh Anna why did u add that in fam? 「(゚ペ)
Let's go. //Bon voyage // we start doing that.
*mumbling* Ok yo, I don't think it's going to rain. Look at that. Look at that sunshine!!
It's hot!
Are you gonna do what you were doing earlier?
Right, we're going to the Mural village Today because the palace is closed and we didn't know until like two minutes before leaVING
Yeah, now were like okay...
Change of plans! //Yeah.
Were currently like, waiting for-// Rule number one of coming to Korea: be adjustable.
literally// With your plans. //literally.// Because the weather is unexpected here.
Also Try Not to come during raining season? we've made that Mistake?
I was wearing white.
Rest in peace my like white shirt that now has like a pink stain
Oh. does it actually? // yeah. // oh no!
From my hair. // its pretty though.
Thank you.
We're waiting for Aga// Yeah// Yeah that's the plan today and then maybe go to like a weird cafe like // want to. want to. want to.
Like we can go to the um good boy....
Cafe. //Good Boy cafe! // But we have to get the bus. but thats like... its like // ok. we could do that.
Like 5 minutes by bus. //Don't be afraid.. unlike us. // Unlike us whose absolutely terrified of buses.
This is beautiful.
Yeah we're outside our place and it just has like, like an old bean bag
and then theres also the very seasonal..... chirstmas tree.
Haha its like..// Good all year round. // all year round.
What is- what is this. going on next to me.
Wait is it a video? // Yeah! // Oh! HEEE (...why did i do that?)
I am like literally- Im like top of Seoul aren't I?
Every single video that I'm in is gonna be me asking "is this a video?" // is this a video?
So we just hiked. .. umm up. and the view that we have
is absolutely Beautiful
ACHO! // Bless you! // Thank you!
Amandas being like- Amanda being an idiot and eating a cupcake with - (a knife and fork)
She told me to pick it up i was about to like leave and she was like wait wait wait -knife and fork. I'm like ok!
And now were just like the biggest like douchebags.
And I was like I was scared cause // *Anna talking about her juice* //I was like maybe its like so hot that she's like don't die
Grab a knife and fork. But its not that hot so..
I'm just gonna... continue on
I fucking love chocolate muffins tho. (why do I talk so much ;^;)
Maybe thats just how they do it. maybe they have to eat cake with like a kinfe and fork.
We are currently- where are we currently because you love saying it so much? // Myungdung (MyeongDong)
We're in Myeongdong.
And we are.. // *mUMBLING* Right?
Yeah (u heard that??)
Rest in peace. (huh?? im so confused)
It's really hot. i- i nearly died earlier today.
Yeah. I was like there trying to fan her. // but you just kept hitting me instead.
Listen.. I'm not getting paid.
I'm not paying you to fan me.
My presence itself is payment.
Yeah the fact the your not going to have to si-UHHuh sit in a room with a dead person
Is payment enough. // yeah were going to have to fill out my death forms. // yeah.
I'm going to have to home ... scarred.
Like- I killed a man. // the visual..
You should title that - this vlog: Amanda killed Anna in Myeong- Myungdung
Do I just keep leaving the frame cause i laugh too hard?
yeah// I move// Laughs into the abyss.
She is here.
Hiii //whaa? Are you filming? // yeah. // Hi sorry
HAHA no. such a surprise- I'm just filming.
Its cause we were just sitting here like "were waiting for aga" and then we were like. How long is she going to be? And they're like shes finally arrived
Yeah shes not dead.
YEah you're-you're picking that up
Back home.