Apple iPad Pro 10 5 india Review

13 days ago
review of the Apple iPad Pro 10.5" with Smart Keyboard and Pencil buy ipad :

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and this is a video on the concept of
using the iPad pro as a laptop
replacement so I've been using mine for
about three weeks with iOS 11 and I
really feel like that's the operating
system for these guys and well ever
since I had pets have existed people
have been trying to use them with
limited success as laptop replacements
because it's quite appealing they're
thin they're light they're not too
expensive and iOS 11 looked like it had
a whole bunch of new features that would
make it more viable so let's take a look
starting with media consumption iPads
have always been great for watching
videos and listening to music the 10 and
a half inch iPad pro has four speakers
and they sound awesome it's really weird
that a tablet like this has better
speakers unlike 99% of gaming laptops
but it does it also has a really nice
screen the 120 Hertz panel is excellent
like straight up 10 at a 10 you can
literally see twice the number of
animation frames in the UI so everything
looks super smooth it's tough to
showcase this in a video because you're
seeing this at 24 frames per second but
if you see it in real life you'll notice
it right away
the thing is nothing outside of the UI
really makes use of that 120 Hertz panel
you're not watching videos at 120 frames
per second you're probably not playing
games at 120 frames per second so the
hardware is awesome but it just feels
untapped for what the device does now if
you're an artist the Apple pencil is
really nice on the new iPad pros the
lower latency is noticeable to me I will
say though if your master plan is to
pick up an iPad pro and an Apple pencil
to learn how to draw don't do it it's
not gonna happen start with paper and a
pencil so there's two big things in iOS
11 that were really exciting to me
drag-and-drop and files so drag and drop
is a new UX that allows you to drag and
drop multiple objects and I have to say
it's really well done and files is an
app that allows you to store files like
mail attachments or photos links and
downloads you can help place them into
various cloud storage locations and
it'll show up on devices that have that
cloud storage so it'll show up on your
laptop your desktop whatever it might be
so these two features alone bring a
level of usability that I've never seen
before on an iPad I mean there were
third-party apps to do this kind of
stuff before but they just weren't
nearly as fluid and well integrated as
these I would say that it is a viable
solution like if I had to I could get by
with using the iPad pro as my only
device and I think a lot of reviewers
came to that similar
that the new iPad pros running iOS 11
are a significantly better experience
than iPads were in the past for using
them as laptop replacements but after
use for a couple more weeks I thought
what am I doing here like why is this
still so difficult to use this as my
laptop replacement it's not as fluid and
it's not as nice as it should be I mean
these devices have been around for six
seven years and the touchscreen is never
going to be as precise as a mouse if
you're accessing websites or doing
spreadsheets or database stuff poking on
the screen like to click stuff it's
usable but I'll never be faster than a
mouse or a trackpad and see what the
drag-and-drop stuff I send photo
attachments from our work very
frequently it works it's a welcome
addition but a keyboard and a trackpad
are just so much faster than this
split-screen work the way it should but
it's cramped and all the tapping and
swiping you need to do to get the
split-screen going I'm fluent at the
mechanics at this point I've done it so
often I know all the keyboard shortcuts
I'm very familiar with them but it still
never going to be as fast as a laptop or
tuned one running a full fledged
operating system and that's my whole
issue with this proposition if you're
going to replace a laptop with this
thing the experience has to be as good
as the laptop that you're replacing or
else why would you use this right the
keyboard is not bad I'm using the Apple
one but if I had a choice I would never
use this thing over a regular laptop
keyboard and it isn't very slim once you
add the keyboard onto the device it's as
thick as a Microsoft Surface pro or like
a Razer Blade stealth the pricing isn't
too expensive but once you add all the
accessories and stuff it's like eight or
nine hundred dollars which is in the
realm of some really good ultrabooks and
tune ones so the hardware on the iPad
pro is excellent the actual tablet
itself has so much potential
it's gorgeous the screen is beautiful
it's got an amazing battery life it
would took an easy eight or nine hour
battery life on this thing I mean it's
really really cool but the software
cripples this thing iOS 11 is definitely
a step in the right direction but I
think it's still really far away from
what this tablet could do if I had a
completely different operating system
that was more conducive to regular work
so if media consumption is our jam like
if you're just buying this to listen to
music and watch videos go for it it's
expensive but it does a really good job
at it but if you're trying to use this
thing to replace a laptop I'm
it's doable but