AMG Project One, la HyperCar con la Power Unit Mercedes F1 da 1000 CV [ENGLISH SUB]

2 months ago
È certamente una delle novità del Salone di Francoforte 2017z una vettura molto speciale, in listino a 2.275.000 euro (+tasse) prodotta in 275 esemplari dedicati ...

English subtitle

We're in Mercede's stand in Frankfurt since this yes the German brand has brought here this monster car. Look at it
It has a carbon fibre superstructure, it looks amazingly light. It has a Formula 1 steering wheel and a digital cockpit, while there's another screen on the dashboard
from here you can see the suspensions and the mono nut 19 inch carbon rim which creates a vortex to cool down the brakes
the seats can't be moved, while the pedals and the steering wheel can be set up
Here you can see the door panel with the carbon fibre. the platform comes from the Formula1, then there are some huge air intakes on the bonnet. This car is street legal
on the bottom there are some air intakes that bring the air to the engine. Like the LED lights and the Mercedes logo is painted
on top there are active air intakes, but I'm not sure, they still haven't explained. Even the mirrors are thought to improve the aerodynamic
on top there's another air intake that brings the air to the engine, while there's also a fin that comes from F1 cars and there's an active flap
here you can see the springs for the rear suspensions, there's a huge air extractor at the rear with a very big exhaust
The engine is a 1.6l, same as the one used by Lewis Hamilton with 700
On top of the petrol engine, there are other 4 electric engines, one is the MGUH linked to the turbo, another which works with the camshaft and other two are placed on the front wheels allowing to have a torque vectoring system
the total power is of over 1,000 ho. 0-100 kph in 2.5s 200kph in less than 6 s and less than 10s for 300Kph. Top speed of over 350Kph. This car sets the standards waiting for the new Aston Martin made with RedBull