am i wholesome now??? (w/ Thomas Sanders)

2 months ago
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I've been reflecting and looking back to the videos that I've made recently and I realize I have a huge huge problem
the past two months alone, I've sworn a total of
Times all I could think is about the fact that my mom watches my videos my child my child
My innocent little child noooo, so to cure me of my huge problem. I'm gonna get the help from the most wholesome
YouTuber Ive ever met
I don't know if you could get any closer to a heavenly being than this man but not before I put on my best interviewer shirt
Thomas thank you so much for doing the interview you are the most wholesome person I've ever
Seen on YouTube. Really? Yeah. I want to give you just
Thank you. Thank you
I don't know what I'm doing doing to warrant that title actually but how am I able to beat sorry?
Oh, I said I try to be sorry what. Sorry. I said I tried to be acceptable to the audience. Did you put your
What just here i'll oh, is that what that is? Yeah. i'm sorry I don't know how to like, here i'll just oh
Sorry, I had an onions and garlic. Yeah, this was a very interesting mixture
can you smell it?, yeah, so I was just saying wait wait wait wait
Yeah, before you start like I was just, yeah, I was curious as to like why we are
so far apart
right now
Yeah, let's
Do that yea absolutely you might is that better
Yeah, so I was saying I've never heard you swear in a video once have you ever sworn in a video? Like on YouTube? No.
No, not that I know *burb*, oh, so I'm gonna start to say some curse words. Yes
I want you to tell me what you think I should say instead okay, so if I'm like ah ffff
flip off
The griddle and onto my plate a healthy stack of pancakes that I just ate you know
It helps when you it rhymes it when it rhymes
Flip off the girdle and onto a plate of healthy breakfast that I just ate. If you had one negative thing to say?
Yeah about my family. What would that be oh um?
man, uh
I mean
Don't I still don't know where I am
What do you think the first word to come out of my mouth should be when I?
Find out my whole family is
Going to be killed by a crazy masked man who will only let them survive if I say the f-word
I would say that is the one and only time
You can save the f-word. when I need to say that f word I just right that scenario into my videos.
If someone were sitting right in front of you, and they
Really needed a hug. What would you do?
If they really needed a hug really really really really really needed one
then you give a good hug.
I mean, this is a very this is one of the more awkward interviews. I've had
thank you
Do you think it's acceptable to curse if no one can hear you? like into water? into wh- well?
Honestly, I didn't I didn't catch what you just said, so
It just sounds like you're drowning
Some people complain that I cry too much in my videos. How you think I should
Make a wholesome video that hides my true emotion?
Crying is not a bad thing. If you feel like crying just cry. I'm not going to do it
Now that I'm going to start making these family-Friendly videos
What do you think the theme song at the beginning of the videos should be? I'm anthony Padilla. It's very nice to see ya
Let's get ready to see my show
Actually, do you think that you could help me make my first ever wholesome video? Sure.
I'm Anthony Padilla real nice to see ya, let's get ready to see my show
all right you got this buddy. we're ready? Yeah, got this! yea? okay. I'm so proud of you! all right, ready?
You got, Dude come on
Look like we practiced yeah, yeah, come on. Okay
Come on. Here we go. Oh, you're, you're right there
*whispers* do the thing
Okay, well
Thank you so much to Thomas Sanders.
We made a video on his channel too so go check it out. Tell us what it's about. In my video
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