All the iOS11 features you should know about for the new iPhone X!

2 months ago
We are hours away from Apple's September Keynote event. Aside from their iPhone, they will also be releasing the new iOS. In this video, I will discuss all the ...

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So we are 1 day away from Apple’s Keynote
event in September, and what do you know,
we are still getting rumors this late in the
year, and just like the homepod software leak,
this came courtesy of Apple themselves, although
rumors suggest that it was more likely due
to a disgruntled employee.
But in this video, there is literally no point
in discussing those leak when we will know
what they are by tomorrow.
What I would rather do is give you guys a
rundown of iOS 11 which which is already confirmed
to be present in the next lineup of iPhones
and will mostly likely be released tomorrow
as well.
Firstly, Now I'll bet most of you are wondering
if you should do the switch to iOS11.
In the past you could have typically held
off similarly to how a lot of people stuck
with windows 7 when windows 8 was released,
but doing that now is extremely dangerous
as these updates contain serious security
upgrades which are actually needed.
So without a doubt, I would recommend downloading
the new iOS, however, probably not immediately
upon release if you don’t want to deal with
server issues.
But moving on from that, lets talk about what's
actually going to be in the new iOS
So starting off with the messages app.
This is more of a quality of life update with
app stickers being more discoverable in a
redesigned app drawer.
Something we will be able to appreciate is
that iMessage can now ba stored in the cloud
and saved and synced with all your apple devices.
Because it's all backed up, this allows the
ios to keep only the most recent conversations
on the device which will allow for more optimized
Ofcourse all of these iMessages will be end
to end encrypted as Apple does take their
security serious, except when it comes to
leaks I guess.
Up next we have an improvement to Apple pay
and this is probably my favorite update coming
out of iOS 11.
Well firstly, Apple pay will be accepted by
around 50% more of retailers meaning having
to carry around a bunch of cards and cash
is becoming even less important.
By far the best update to Apple Pay is that
you can now make person to person payments
They can even be integrated through iMessage
which is a huge quality of life improvement,
especially when it comes to paying and receiving
money from friends and family members.
Of Course as with any payment feature, this
will have to be secured with touch ID, but
also potentially with Face Id which is expected
to to show up in the iPhone x.
The money will be transferred to what's called
apple pay cash, but after that you are free
to send it to your bank account, almostly
entirely the same as paypal.
In my opinion, all the samsung pay, and apple
pay should have just integrated with paypal,
it would have made life so much simpler.
But moving on, it looks like our favorite
virtual assistant is also getting some updates
with her voice being changed to sound more
authentic for both male and female voices
as well as an updated user interface.
Now Siri will use deep learning to ask follow
up questions to get a more refined search
Siri can also translate Chinese (whether it's
mandarin or cantonese, I don't really know),
french, german, italian, and spanish with
more to come.
Now this may sound cool, but keep in mind
that Samsung had this feature for the longest
time so it's about time apple joined the fold.
Siri’s interaction with other is also improved
with her being able to take notes on evernote,
or schedule an uber through the app, or even
make some of those apple pay payments I mentioned
Siri is also going to start remembering some
of your interests (at what point this starts
to get a bit eerie and creepy, I don't really
know) but Siri will be able to remember your
interests and make recommendations based on
it and all of this info will again be synced
to all of your apple devices and is again
private and secured.
For all the selfie lovers out there, the camera
is getting some extremely minor updates such
as smaller compression sizes for videos and
photos so for those of you with thousands
upon thousands of photos, you will really
appreciate this.
Also new is that there is a portrait mode
for photos which is a useless improvement
as there was too many times when I would turn
a photo portrait mode only to be mode with
the picture being in only 20% of the screen.
But things like true tone flash, better low
light photos and optical image stabilization
were also mentioned, although with the low
light pictures, I am not sure to what extent
the quality is dependent on the software versus
the actual camera characteristics.
If the camera got an improvement then you
can be sure the place that stores it also
got one.
Photos got an improved memory feature which
will separate and sort photos into events
such as sports, weddings, etc.
You also get some other minor things like
trimming, marking, looping and editing bits
to live photos.
You can even go as far as changing the still
of the live picture which actually helps if
you took the picture that just the wrong moment.
The control centre is now totally different
visually and is a single page, with minor
improvements like sliders for volume.
Each part of the control center is still usable
with 3D touch so you can still expand on the
uses if you want to do more than just what's
And lastly, the lock screen and notifications
are merged into one with you having to just
swipe up to see them both.
Another interesting but minor feature coming
to this ios is with Maps.
Maps will now show detailed floor plans of
airports and malls with directories and store
listings as well which will really help for
travelling to new areas.
However, I am surprised the airport floor
plan got passed with how tight airport security
is regarding these types of things.
But I guess the floor plan is already on the
internet so it doesn't really make a difference.
Aside from the floor plans, when using maps
while driving, you will get a much more friendly
experience by getting speed limit notifications
as well as lane guidance indicators because
we have all missed our turns before because
we got confused on which lane to stay on.
Speaking about driving, Apple placed some
emphasis on safe driving in this ios update
with its new Do not disturb while driving
What this feature does is it connects with
bluetooth to the car or uses a wifi doppler
to detect if you're moving at vehicle like
speeds and will prompt you to check if you
want to turn on this feature.
If you accept, you will be met with a black
screen and those who send you a message will
receive a automated response which you can
tailor, but if it is special people like family
members, you can give them the option to get
their message through in case of emergency.
However, if you don't accept the initial prompt
because youre say sitting in the backseat
or just dont care, then nothing will happen.
Its entirely your choice so it will be interesting
to see how many people will actually make
use of this feature.
Next up we have the App store which is getting
a total visual revamp and redesign with new
tabs for things like games, and apps and a
“todays highlight” to keep you alerted
as to what's new and popular in the store.
Each app or game also has a redesigned product
page to make the whole experience more simple
more streamlined.
Last, but definitely not least in terms of
potential is the AR Kit that apple showcased.
While this is not exactly something that will
be available for consumers from the get go,
it does set up developers to do more with
their apps and games and take us to a whole
new experience.
This is what I am looking forward to most,
especially with the rate that VR and AR are
But there you have it.
That was the highlights of iOS 11 which will
soon be out.
As you can see, there was nothing grand about
the update, with very incremental changes
being made, but however minor, they are still
I will be working on getting an Iphone video
out ASAP after the event to keep you guys
updated but that's it for this video.
THank you for watching.
Like and subscribe and I will see you in the
next one.