5 of the Best Chrome Extensions You Need to Try

2 months ago
Extensions in the Google Chrome browser make everything better. Here's our top 5. For the article got to: ...

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Hi this is Phil from Make Tech Easier and
welcome to five of the best chrome
extensions you need to try. Love it or
hate it
Chrome is brimming with features and
customizability that rival browsers can
only shake their envious heads at. On
the one hand you have Chrome Flags which
lets intrepid web users mess around with
experimental features made by the Chrome
team. Then you have Chrome extensions
which changes the way you browse the
Internet and are denoted by little icons
to the right of your Chrome omnibox. These
extensions vary greatly in function and
quality, from ones that secure your
browser to others that keep you focused
when you're trying to work. So that you
don't need to sift through the mess of
Chrome's extension pages we picked up
five of the best Chrome extensions for
you. Google Dictionary. The Internet's
full of words, would you believe, and some of
them are pretty big and inscrutable. You
don't need to open your oxford
dictionary or more likely type "define
(whatever)" into the Google omnibox.
Google's made an official dictionary
extension that gives you a small boxout
definition for every word you double
click. Go into the dictionary options
double-click the book icon and there's
even an option to store words you look
up at which point you can download all
of them in a list. Ghostery.
Beating out AdBlock plus for the number
one ad blocker for Chrome, Ghostery
edges it out because it's brimming with
options. You can use it as a basic ad
blocker with its default options of
course, but it also does a great job of
tracking every tracker on a given
website and letting you select each
individual one you want to block. This is
just one of many types of fine-tuning in
the extension that gives you more
control over what you see online, it
makes you more secure and speeds up your
browsing by giving websites less
unnecessary junk to load. StayFocusd.
A Facebook addicts best friend,
StayFocused is a highly customizable
site blocker that lets you set times,
time limits and the amount of time that
you can access certain websites. If you
find yourself unconsciously clicking
Facebook when you're supposed to be
you can set stay focused to block going
to the site and
you two get back to work. It's a great way
of keeping yourself disciplined when
you're trying to work, or even entirely
blocking sites you don't want yourself
(or other people in your household) visiting. HTTP Everywhere. When an extension
has been made by the privacy and
security obsessed Tor Project you
know you can count on it.
HTTPS Everywhere turns every unencrypted
HTTP website into an HTTPS one when you
visit it (provided the website you visit
supports HTTPS). While most sites offer
some degree of online encryption, many
also don't implement it properly which
can leave your information visible.
Installing this extension ensures that
you don't need to look at the omnibox on
every page a visit to make sure that
your privacy is secured. Please note that
this doesn't encrypt every site and page
you visit because a lot of sites still
leave large chunks of their content
completely unencrypted, which means there
is no encrypted version of that content
for HTTPS Everywhere to load. Facebook
Chat Privacy. Going a bit more specific
about addressing personal little peeves
of ours we can't stand it when we've
read a facebook chat message and are
forced to reply to it straight away
because the other person knows we've
seen it. Yes obviously we should be
decent people and reply straight away
anyway, but sometimes we just don't want
to, right. Facebook Chat Privacy ensures
that people you chat with on Facebook
can't see whether you've seen their
messages letting you reply to them in
your own time and on your own terms.
Conclusion. These are our top five Chrome
extensions that will almost certainly
improve your online life, though it goes
without saying there are many more great
ones out there and we may add with time.
What are your favorites and do you have
a good reason why we should add them to
our list? Let us know in the comments. Ok
as always thanks for watching and please
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See you next time!