4 Free Credit Repair Dispute Letters That Work | Credit Repair Programs That Work

2 months ago
We are giving away 4 FREE [credit repair dispute letters that absolutely work] + Free PDF Download + Free Video Tutorial. No strings attached!

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4 Free Credit Repair Dispute Letters That Work | Credit Repair Programs That Work |
hey how you doing this is modeling her
the value Nair and I want thank you for
registering for your for free credit
repair dispute letters plus your free
pdf download plus your free video
tutorials now I know you think like
Marla why are you giving away all this
credit repair value for free well my
number one goal is that I want to help
you right I want to make sure that you
get access to the value and also
education there's a lot of individuals
out there just to understand how credit
repair works and sometimes they get in
situations where you know they're losing
a lot of money and no one gave them the
value upfront so I want to make sure
that you got this so right down below
this video over to the left you're going
to see we can download your for free the
student that is now what's in there is
that you're going to have four letters
you're going to have round one letter
for each credit reporting agency arrived
so if you have anything on your credit
that you want to dispute or in credit
for that you want to dispute you're
going to have round one for each one
ever fax Experian and TransUnion also
what I added was a C's phone call letter
because I know a lot of you may be
getting phone calls from creditors right
they're calling calling calling calling
your cell phone calling and work show
them at your house roll up from under
your bed like hey y'all this money now
what you can do is send them 11 say hey
stop calling me if you want to contact
me contact me through mail alright it's
going to cut down on those so I know
it's going to kind of start giving you
some peace of mind when they're not just
calling you all all hours of the day and
things that nature sometimes when they
call you at certain hours and you tell
them not to they're actually breaking
the law to let you know okay now over to
the right is going to be the PDF
download where I'm if the information
I'm going to go over in the video
tutorials down below alright you have in
PDF format it's about six or seven pages
but it's something for you to read or I
know a lot of people that love to read
and you just have it okay just great by
that you could always have and then down
below are the video tutorials I'm going
to be going over what's in the PDF so
you can actually see me doing this live
even me speaking through the camera or
I'm going to be
sharing my screen okay now if we can do
this as well let you know the reason why
that a crevasse credible pair of letters
work all right is what is one thing
according to the FCRA I'll write the
Fair Credit Reporting Act credit the
credit reporting agencies must have on
file a physical copy of whatever
contract that you sign or sign Raika
sometimes you do things online but they
must have a physical copy all right
that's what we lost a section 609 states
got a physical problem the problem is
the lender whoever you got the money
from I will give you about our car by
house get a credit card student loan the
lender never sends a physical copy to
the credit reporting agencies so what
you have on your credit report is a
whole bunch of unverified accounts all
right unverified and the count is either
outdated or unverified it must be
deleted now what the letters do is the
letters ask for this verification
information in the right way and if the
credit card agency can't send it over to
you then they must delete it now
sometimes you get these deleted around
one sometimes you need to get around two
three and four two before this happens
and that's why I underneath every video
under the video tutorials I'm going to
give a link to where you can go get 4 Free Credit Repair Dispute Letters That Work | Credit Repair Programs That Work |
access to all of the letters all right I
have access over 50 different dispute
letters to be able to help you in this
process to get your credible you need to
be all right so again well thank you for
coming here
get your downloads watch these tutorials
and we will see you on the better side
of credit all right or to you how to
better a lot of good credit or however
you want is it alright so mono the
binary but we connect with you soon 4 Free Credit Repair Dispute Letters That Work | Credit Repair Programs That Work |