3L's Pilot | Ep. 0 | LGBT Web-Series

5 days ago
The actual Web Series will being in January 2018 do to rigorous plan and contact creation and equipment. We are working our best to give you the best work ...

English subtitle

Hurry your orange ass up
Yo Ev!
Yo Ev? Hurry Up!
hurry up! You not fiina make me late like last time! Ev!...
I'm almost done little boy. give me like 10 minutes.
I'm coming in.
No Bill Cosby don't rape me!
Bill Cosby *kiss teeth*
listen. Salmon skin ass. Imma need you to hurry up.
I got these fine ass women waiting for us that's ready to lick the peanut butter off my wet dog.
Let's go.
First of all young man. Where your ass
going with your hair looking like that anyway?
Little baby dread head ass. When's the last time you got your hair done bro.
Your hair look like it just hit puberty.
Get out my bathroom I'm coming man.
ha ha very funny. Just hurry your ass up. Let's go.
You really need to lighten up. Forreal
Man ain't nobody got time for that. let's go.
* Baby Music *
Yo Ki!?
I know your ass is still not sleep.
I'm up. I'm up!
How you're up when you're on the ground. 4'9 head ass.
Shut your short ass up. 4'9 dread head ass.
I don't got time for all that. Wake your little ass up. We gotta go.
Yo. Get out my room.
Look man. I don't got time for none of that. Get your ass up.
Look at you over here with these fake ass flowers. Wanna be in tune with mother nature sooo bad.
Over here dangling.
*Laughs* Sis got more hang time than you.
Well I had hang time with your mom. she said
*She like that...*
* Idk what she's saying yall*
Bro get your alfalfa head ass out my room.
Look, ight, ight we playing to much we got to get up out of here forreal cuz these girls about to...
*Phone ring*
Look you see they calling right now you see your wildin.
Yeah what's up girl?
She don't wanttttt youuuu
Oh no don't worry about that. I just farted.
Well I mean iannduvu nasc hvtudfltyrd I didn't fart. I'm saying she's an old fart
Me and my bros we almost ready
In like 5 minutes
9 mintues?
No like 5 mintues
*Oh That's so good. Okay.
Yeah my bros look good. Your girls looking good?
*Oh yeah yeah yeah
*Yeah of course
iight sooo they ain't wearing that Rainbow shit right?
*oh nooo
Oh okay cuz that will be a, dub!
give me kiss
This girl trippin
Yo Ev!
Yo come on lets go yall O.D'n
I'm done I'm done bro shut your little ass up now
I ain't tryna hear all that your done but where's Ki?
She coming right bro?!
Yeah I'm ready I'm done I'm done...
oh no realize but yo guess it's like $3
now she's mad expensive
I just put like $40 just to fill my tank
last oh just to fill it up bro what car
you've up
it's a fish tale I have a car you're
just having the truck see you Oh in your
dreams I like to be chauffeured
everything okay well I know my car and
my car go get it