35MM Walkthrough #5 (Kidnapping)

13 days ago
That game was made by 1 person. Game: 35MM Genre: Adventure, 1st Person, Indie Release: 28 may 2016 Developer: Noskov Sergei Description(russian lang ...

English subtitle

You can not fall asleep?
Yeah...Me too
Nightmares from a past life do not allow to fall asleep
I want to ask, where did you get the scar?
of those nightmares, a car crash
when you are young and full of energy
it seems nothing can stop you
And you make a mistakes
Many mistakes
Some can not forget and forgive
Hello, you dial a wrong number
Im listening you
Hello, Anna
How are Svetik (name)
I'm planning a business trip
May be I go to you?
Good,good, I'll be wait, good luck!
We will take you, bastards!
Motherfucker, wake up!
C'mon! Older
you yourself chose this path.
so, this too in the car
C'mon! Go!
where we go, guys?
May you can give me a cigarette?
Hmm.. Why not
I'll make you free
Take that