2018 GMC Terrain sound bites #terrain

2 months ago
2018 GMC Terrain sound bites https://youtu.be/GIX-l7JIW_E GMC completely overhauls (redesigns and re-engineers) the Terrain CUV for the 2018 model year, ...

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We've been dying to reveal this vehicle to the public new GMC terrain as you see I think a design work of art
But underpinned by some real engineering excellence new engines
Vehicle moulding precision shift transmission, it's a real great package of a vehicle
The compact Suv segments are three million segments biggest in the industry right now
I'm growing Rapidly
and that's why I having this new terrain is fantastic opportunity for
GMC to grow our market share of the segment clearly it's very competitive, but with this vehicle. We think we've got a real winner
the Train sold about
750,000 vehicles since it was launched
Some time ago, and that's really not only added volume to GMC
But because it's the entry point to the brown this brought a whole new
Swath of customers into the brand and once they get into the GMC brand they love it
And then they go on and buy more vehicles potentially with bigger vehicles pickup trucks
So it's a really critical vehicle for us an entry point to the brand and really
Is the catalyst for growing our sales going forward?
the front and the Grill
But you know this for us is that so important to get that locker Jeomsun?
We didn't want pick tip you know we didn't want to be a little truck once would be so an individual vehicle the terrain
So that front end the grill then the like the c-shaped light the leds they were so important
The Imperium cord because you spend more time inside your car, and you can especially fell a lot Lisa family
So we wanted in a seat folding flat this storage
So cause we were able to put the storage in the console that was so important because you can put you can put mat you
Can put books you put a small handbag not mine?
But a small handbag under there you get lots of things in there that was really important to family
I'll tell you a lot about what we're doing
But this is just the beginning and I know if you like this you're going to love the future
Turbos have been around for a while
But but they're becoming more and more popular for a very simple reason
They allow a small engine to make power only when you need the power when you make power you burn more fuel typically
Right you don't want to burn more fuel unless you need to be making that power turbo does that for you?
School's up quickly and as an added benefit we don't talk a lot about about reducing what we call induction noise induction noise
Is that whoosh sucking sound you hear when you step on that and step on the accelerator a turbo takes that noise away?
So while you make that power? It's a little more pleasant while you're doing it
And an important headline by the way this car is 400 pounds lighter than a cart replaced
That mass reduction that weight reduction that makes the car more nimble makes it break quicker
Handle better and oh by the way, it burns less fuel
We're really proud of this shift
I mean well the marketing folks and the public will refer to electronic precision shift within the engineering world
We have we we call a lot of things electronic precision shift works fine for a name very simply
We're moving to a push-button control of your normal park reverse neutral drive low
We're moving to a push button and pull push pull kind of a setup for that
What it does it not only gives you a lot of freedom to?
Free up our motion, but it gives you a nice space in that center console