2015-2017 F150 Truxedo TruXport Tonneau Cover Review & Install

2 months ago
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The Truxport from Truxedo will be a premium
roll-up tonneau cover option for the owners
out there who prefer that classic roll-up
design, to the other folding options or hard
covers out there which can be a little bit
more expensive.
Now the Truxport is available for five and
half foot, six and a half foot, and eight
foot beds and will start right around the
$300 price point.
Your install is going to be extremely easy
here, guys.
So let's call it one out of three wrenches
on the difficulty meter with a little bit
more detail later on.
Now for those who don't know, Truxedo specializes
in one thing and one thing only and that is
a wide variety of bed cover solutions and
accessories for a wide variety of trucks.
Now the Truxport is just one of a few different
models Truxedo offers and in their own words,
will be the most affordable soft roll-up option
they offer.
But by now, if you're watching this video,
you're probably already aware of the many
benefits that come along with having a tonneau
cover installed onto your truck.
Now, it's gonna protect your stuff from the
It's going to keep things from blowing out
on the road or the highway, and ultimately
it's just going to help clean up the look
of your truck.
Now obviously a soft cover like this will
only provide you with a certain level of protection,
as they can be cut and that's why I always
recommend for owners out there to consider
a hard cover if security is going to be your
number one priority.
But what do you say we talk a little bit more
about some of the features I really like here
with the Truxport.
Now first and foremost, yes, that roll-up
And I think this thing will be best for the
owners out there who need to utilize the entire
bed at a moments notice, and do not want to
impair the view out of the rear window like
one of those folding covers would.
Now listen, guys, I have a tri-fold cover
on my F-150 and I love everything about it.
However, when I haul something big, I have
to fold the cover kind of up vertically and
that's going to completely block my rear window
obviously killing my visibility.
With a soft roll-up cover like this, guys,
you can easily roll it out of the way in a
matter of seconds, gain full access to your
entire bed and more importantly, not impair
your vision out of the rear window.
Secondly, and yes, I know it's tough to see
with the cover rolled up like this, but I
do like how the Truxport incorporate these
built-in bows or supports to this particular
cover helping to keep things tight, preventing
it from sagging, especially if you get a little
water or snow on the cover.
Now also helping to keep things tight as well
here are the preset tension controls.
With the Truxport, you could see them.
They're actually built into the rails here.
And I like this because it kind of takes all
of the guess work out of setting the tension
up for your cover, keeping things tight.
Because we all know with a cover like this,
the water months tend to get a little bit
looser and of course those colder winter months,
things tend to tighten up a little bit.
And this is just basically going to ensure
that the cover stays nice and taut the entire
time, and preventing it from flapping around
no matter what the climate.
Let's take a closer look at the cover from
a build and material standpoint.
And your main fabric here for the tonneau
cover will be this thick leather grain black
vinyl, which is durable and UV resistant and
backed by a five-year warranty from Truxedo
if you should need it.
Now keeping the cover in place here on the
side rails is going to be this industrial
hook and loop system, which guys, I'll be
completely honest, it's essentially just glorified
velcro, but I will say it does a great job
of keeping the cover in place on the side
of the bed.
Now both the front and the rear of the cover
here do incorporate built-in rubber seals,
which help keep any extra moisture out of
the bed itself.
And then finally, guys, the portion closest
to the tailgate does incorporate a locking
mechanism that essentially locks the tonneau
cover in place as long as that tailgate is
locked up.
But I do really just wanna focus in or stress
to you guys, it's a soft cover with velcro
on the side.
Just don't expect Fort Knox when this thing
is completely locked up.
But let's move on to the install here, guys.
And this one doesn't require any drilling
or anything crazy, so expect a rather pedestrian
one out of three wrenches on the difficulty
Maybe 30 minutes from start to finish of your
time before you get the cover in place.
In fact, you really only need a socket set
to help you get this thing installed.
Getting started you'll want to actually sit
the cover here all rolled up on the front
of your bed closest to the cab.
At this point, you can grab your socket set,
grab the included clamps and the rails here
and get the rails in place using those included
clamps, and then you can roll the cover down,
adjusting the rails if needed.
Your final step will be to adjust the tension
of the cover if needed.
To do so, you're gonna find two thumb nuts
located on the pretension mechanism.
Loosen or tighten as needed and your installation
is complete.
Wrapping this one up, guys.
If you're after a premium roll-up cover for
a very fair price, you'll wanna check out
the Truxport from Truxedo, right here at AmericanTrucks.com.