2015-2016 F150 Airaid MXP Series Cold Air Intake 3.5L EcoBoost Review & Install

2 months ago
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The Airaid MXP Series oiled filter intake
is available for any 2015 or newer 3.5 L EcoBoost
owner looking to upgrade from the stock air
box to one of the most efficient intake systems
on the market with an oiled filter as opposed
to a dry one, all while picking up a slightly
improved throttle response and even a small
increase in power and fuel economy.
The installation, as you can imagine, is extremely
straightforward and will get one out of three
wrenches on our difficulty meter, which we'll
talk more about later on.
The factory inlet on your EcoBoost does a
pretty good job of bringing in air from outside
the engine bay and the MXP option we have
here keeps that same design in mind.
Only difference here is Airaid focused on
improving the tubing and air box as well as
the filter itself to really optimize air performance.
They've designed the system to completely
replace the factory intake from the manifold
and turbo down.
Using this option from Airaid, it doesn't
even require a tune.
Speaking of which, this quarter intake system
from Airaid will utilize what is known as
a speed density instead of a mass air flow
meter, which is why you get to hang back on
getting it tuned.
The speed density in this kit will make changes
to your computer on the fly, whereas the MAF
would typically require you to get a new tune
in order to make the changes necessary with
the new cold air intake system or any other
power adder mod.
This system saves you a lot of hassle doing
all of that, so all you have to do is bolt
it right up in a few minutes and go.
Definitely one big plus with this system here.
Now as far as power is concerned, Airaid lets
us know that on their Dino they made about
24 horsepower on a stock 3.5.
Now with a tune you can definitely maximize
gains like that.
With just an intake alone, I would probably
expect high single-digit gains at best.
You will, however, definitely see a slight
increase in your drive-by wire response and
you might even pick up a mileage gain or two
as far as fuel economy is concerned.
This one is going to be 50 state legal, basically
meaning for the guys out there in emissions-restrictive
states, such as California, you're in the
clear to pick this one up and install it with
no problems.
Moving along to materials on construction,
this system includes a one piece roto-molded
airbox which will be a noticeable improvement
over the factory option by completely housing
the intake filter for not only more filtration
but also to keep out excess engine heat.
The new intake tube is constructed of cross-linked
high-density polyethylene to maintain proper
air flow with a built-in velocity stack.
The filter itself is a Synthamax oiled filter,
meaning it is washable and reusable with a
layer of filter oil.
The oil helps to collect any microscopic dust
particles to prevent them from being sucked
into the engine.
It's made with premium non-woven synthetic
materials and wire mesh outing layers to improve
This thing actually saves you some money in
the long run because you don't have to run
out and replace it every few thousand miles
like your cheap stock paper element filter.
You can expect to pick it up for just north
of the $400 mark, making it fall right at
the higher end of the no tune required intakes,
but keep in mind you're looking to maximize
the potential of your 3.5., a tune will greatly
improve its performance.
Now just to be clear, all 3.5 EcoBoosts do
not require a tune as far as Intakes are concerned
because they all utilize speed density.
Just something to keep in mind moving forward.
This is one of the options that's a full replacement.
So for the price, you can expect a fully-optimized
cold air intake design from the best, most
efficient performance.
Switching gears over to the install portion
of the video, again this is definitely gonna
be a plus with the one out of three wrenches
on our difficulty meter.
Well, 30 minutes at the maximum in the driveway
at home with a few common hand tools like
a ratchet and socket set and a flat head screwdriver.
The first thing you wanna do is of course
disconnect the negative terminal on your battery.
That's always first things first for a safety
Start by installing the insert coupler into
the air box from Airaid and insert the top
grommet into the open hole.
Bolt down the inlet tube to the wider opening
in the side of the airbox.
Drop the whole assembly into the engine bay
and bolt the inlet tube to the top of the
radiator shroud.
Then bolt the entire air box to the side of
the firewall.
Put the new seal over the center and drop
it into the tubing along with the bolt that
holds it down.
Install the couplers and clamps to the intake
tubing on each end.
Drop the tubing into place in the engine bay,
clamping it down to the other tubing inside
the engine and to the air box itself.
Drop the filter into the air box with a clamp
and tighten it down to secure it.
Peel off the backing on the heat shield cover
and apply it to the metal.
Then bolt that down to the top of the open
Reconnect all harnesses and connections and
you're good to go.
Just to wrap things up here, if you're the
owner of a 2015 or newer 3.5 EcoBoost F-150,
you should check out the Airaid MXP Series
cold air intake with the Synthaflo oiled filter
in a red, which is available right here at