2 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Cat | DIY Cat Halloween | Easy DIY Cat Halloween Costumes

13 days ago
2 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Cat | DIY Cat Halloween | Easy DIY Cat Halloween Costumes. Welcome back to the Halloween Spooktacular here at ...

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hi guys welcome back to the channel it
player and rags and this week we have
something super fun I am going to show
you how to make two easy DIY cat
costumes for them this Halloween now
obviously if your cats isn't one for
wedding costumes or it's just in and out
don't put them in anything they're not
going to be happy in thankfully rags to
the mind things if they're on a collar
so I'm going to show you two easy DIY
cat Halloween costumes that you can try
it at home okay so for the first of our
easy DIY cat Halloween costumes you are
going to need a piece of card a cat
collar a trusty hot glue gun or fabric
glue non-toxic a good pair of scissors
silver or white marker pen or pencil
some black yarn if you don't have a
black collar and a cat okay so the first
thing you do is wrap your collar up in
this black yarn dead easy just take your
yarn and just wrap it around
okay so that we have our color wrapped
in black and I've left this bit free so
that I can adjust the color so I'll fit
ragsy well next you want to do is take
your print like a pencil and draw out a
bat shaped wing I'll go over that in
pen so that you guys can see it properly
okay and then we want to cut that out
using our scissors okay so that is our
first bat wing we're going to be using
this one as a template for the next one
as well so get the piece of card that
you've just used and use the wing you've
done and draw around it to make an exact
copy for the next one okay and then we
have our two wings to turn our cat into
it bat okay the next thing you want to
do is take your pen and just do a little
bit of a decoration on them
all right the next I'm gonna do is take
the collar that you have and attach the
two wings to the collar using a cut Mugen
okay so the next one is just as easy
you're going to need an older black
t-shirt a pair of good scissors your
trusty hot glue gun or fabric paint
obviously non-toxic and another cat
collar I've gone for a bit of a
decorative one here to make your
actually look extra fancy but you can
just use a plain one you don't need to
use fancy one that's nice a nice alright
so what we want to do is keep the collar
intact and cut out a rough cape shape
you can use your pencil if you want but
all you need to do is start from the
collar and cut down right one that I'm
going to do next is get my silver pen
and just do a little bit of detail
okay so once you've decorated how you
want you take your collar and all you do
is hot glue the Cape on to the collar
dead easy okay so there we have our
second easy DIY cat costume a lovely
fancy cake for your cats now let's see
how great ragsy he looks thanks for
watching guys I really hope that you
enjoyed making your cat so I'm not very
spooky DIY costumes this Halloween if
you did do let me know in the comment
section below and post some pictures on
our social media at @relaxmycat I
really really want to see your cats
dressed all spooky for the best holiday
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