1994-2004 Mustang Cobra, Bullitt, Mach 1 Xtreme Stop Precision Cross Drilled & Slotted Rotor Review

5 days ago
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The Xtreme Stop Precision cross drilled and
slotted rotors with ceramic brake pads are
available for the front and rear of all 1994
to 2004 Cobra, Bullitt, and Mach 1 Mustangs.
These are a great way to improve your pony
stopping power, thanks to the upgraded ceramic
pads and the drilled holes and slotted groove
technology in the rotors which I'll break
down for you in this video.
I'll also go over later on the installation
for the front and rear, which is pretty simple
with a couple of hand tools.
Expect one out of three wrenches on our difficulty
The drilled and slotted design works together
to improve your braking system so that your
Mustang not only stops quicker, but produces
less brake dust and less heat, which ultimately
can extend the life of your pads.
Obviously, of course, this depends on how
you drive as well, so if you've got a heavy
foot like myself and you're constantly beating
up and down both the throttle and the brake
and, of course, you'll wear down a little
bit faster on the pads.
Now, in addition to the functionality, they
needless to stay look pretty cool between
the spokes of your wheels so this is a great
upgrade for guys looking to build more of
a show car winner.
Now, we all know that the front is really
where the magic happens with braking.
But if you're looking for an all-around upgrade,
this is a perfect set.
Now, even though they don't do the majority
of the braking in the rear, they'll definitely
be an improvement over stock.
To break things down a bit, the drilled holes
you see here are designed to help cool the
braking system.
The way the drilled holes work is they actually
vent the excess heat that builds up while
your brakes are in use on the streets or strip,
which can keep your brakes under constant
Now, they'll keep that system cooler for a
better stopping power.
Now, in addition to that, they'll help water
escape in wet weather conditions for increased
initial bite.
The holes are beveled and rounded as well,
which helps with everything I just mentioned
while eliminating the risk of uneven brake
pad wear.
Since the pads are upgraded too, you don't
have to worry about picking them up separately.
Xtreme Stop paired these up so they work well
together for both the street and strip applications,
like I just mentioned.
Now, the pads are ceramic, which produces
less brake dust and less noise as well.
Now, the slotted design is referring to the
indented grooves along the surface of the
This will help fight the buildup brake dust
on the surface where the pad makes contact,
ultimately improving the bite of the pad against
the surface.
Now, these slots allow dust and gases that
build up upon contact with the pad to escape
through the slots, keeping the surface clean,
and even fighting against brake fade.
Now, the temperatures of these rotors are
lowered as much as 180 degrees with this set
as Xtreme Stop lets us know, which is extremely
effective in creating more precise braking
while also helping to keep more of a consistent
pedal feel.
They're finish in a bright zinc electroplate
to extend the lifetime of each rotor and reduce
Now, for a complete set like this, the price
comes in right around 350 bucks.
There are a ton of similar options out there
so it may come down to your brand preference
if you have one or the appearance of the drilled
and slotted pattern.
Ultimately, they all do the same job with
very slight differences in between at most.
So, expect this price point if this is what
you're going for.
The installation, as I mentioned earlier,
gets one out of three wrenches on our difficulty
meter because it is a simple brake job requiring
basic hand tools to get done in about an hour
and a half in the driveway at home.
Now, for the rears on SN-95, if you don't
know, they do require a very specific brake
pad removal tool, which, if you don't have,
you can rent at your local auto parts store
and then just return it when you're done.
At least, that's what I did for my '95 Cobra.
Now, with that in mind, you also need a ratchet
and a simple socket set, a lug wrench for
the wheels, of course, and then a jack and
jack stands or lift if you have access to
I'd also recommend maybe having a mallet or
a hammer on hand to help get the rotors off
if they're a bit rusted on.
Now, when your car reaches about 20 years
old, 2 decades can definitely leave a little
bit of rust in the wheel hub so your rotors
might be stuck on there, in which case a mallet
or hammer will definitely come in handy.
Now, the job itself will be as easy as just
jacking up your Mustang, removing the wheels
using your lug wrench on the lug nuts, unbolting
the calipers and brackets with the appropriate
sockets, and supporting their way on a hanger
of some sort, so they don't hang down and
put pressure on the brake lines.
Remove the OEM rotor, which again might require
that mallet to smack it off, and swap it off
with the Xtreme Stop options here.
For the pads for the front, you need to just
pop the stock ones out of the caliper, grease
up the new ones, and put them into place.
For the rears, you'll use that specific hand
tool for the pads.
It's kinda like a key, you have to put it
into place in order to get them off and on.
With that said, you'll just use that to swap
out the pads for the rears as well.
The rotors, obviously, with the rears, the
exact same as the front.
Once the rotors and pads are swapped out,
you have the brackets for the calipers back
on, and the calipers on to the brackets, throw
the wheels back on, drop them back on to the
floor, and you are good to go.
Just to wrap things up here, if you're the
owner of 1994 to '04 Cobra, Bullitt or Mach
1, you might want to check out the Xtreme
Stop Precision drilled and slotted rotors
and ceramic brake pad kit which you can find
right here at americanmuscle.com.