1000 SUBSCRIBERS - Recap of Everything

14 days ago
We did it! 1000 Subscribers! Thank you all for that milestone here at Youtube! I hope you enjoy the video I've made for you. See all the ants I have from ...

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Hello guys, welcome to the 1000 subscriber
First of all, Thank you all for watching,
commenting, liking and subscribing my content.
Without all this support I wouldn't make all
these videos.
Every video is a lot of work, but sharing
these videos around the globe with you is
definitely worth it.
So Thank you all.
The international ant keeping community is
This video will be a look back of all the
colonies I own and the channel itself, we'll
see the ants and the channel growing!
Ok, let's start all the way back when this
channel had been created.
first ant ever on this channel was a Camponotus
ligniperda, it was a personal highlight for
me to see a worker foraging in the out world.
I had to share this and so it all began.
camponotus colony slowly grows and I had the
luck to film an ant hatching out of their
The next video was the small film "life inside
the colony".
The colony has grown with 20 workers faster
than the channel.
The first introduction video!
I started the video diary with the messor
At this time the colony was quite small in
comparison to today, there have been 80 - 100
The messor colony keeps growing, the floor
is covered by larvae and puape, the channel
is still pretty small, at this time there
have been 5 subscribers.
Out world and Landscaping, does anyone remember
this video?
It was one of my favorites.
The Messor colony is growing and more ants
are present in the out world.
They build cave and tunnels.
Camponotus ligniperda is back.
A review of last three months and it looks
like the colony is developing very well.
Unfortunately they decide to prepare for hibernation
only a few weeks later, although the summer
hasn't even started . Maybe I stopped their
hibernation to early and their rhythm is messed up
But the show goes on with the messor colony,
they shows us their intentions for the future.
Brood everywhere, I think to this moment there
have been more pupae and larvae than ants.
And meanwhile the channel has grown to 20
There are new ants on this channel!
I couldn't wait for the nuptial flight so
I ordered a small colony lasius niger.
I never thought you guys would like them that
much but the lasius niger video seems to be
quite popular.
It goes on with lasius niger.
They show us their potential as fast growing
ant species.
So many larvae and pupae for such a small
Ant colonies are still faster growing than
the channel - 31 subscribers
With the fifth messor video, the colony forms
for the first time an ant road, additionally
I have a new camera to support with higher
About 500 workers life to this time in the
And look how greedy they are for proteins.
It's all about honey.
The lasius niger colony grows pretty fast
and so their hunger for honey.
At this time there have been about 40 subscribers.
I wonder how many subs from this time are
still watching my videos.
Tell me in the comments below.
The messor colony is growing so fast.
They have build an ant mountain and moved
a big part of their brood insid, but that's
not even enough space.
They also had to store some of their brood
in the test tube.
It's only three months ago when I built the
giant formicarium for the messor colony but
it seems to me much longer.
The whole process to build and decorate their
new home took me days of work.
Apparently you liked this kind of video very
A lot of new members have joined the AmazingAnts
channel and we've made it to 70 subscribers.
Do you guys want to see more DIY videos?
And then it was time for the messor colony
to move into their new home.
This was only 10 weeks ago.
It was a fantastic feeling to see the messor
colony in the self built formicarium and now
they have the space they need for an ultimate
fast growth.
Just before I've went on vacation the messor
colony got a lot of proteins and seeds.
It's pretty nice to keep an ant species which
is so independent.
Due to their stored seeds they have enough
food for weeks.
When I left for vocation the channel hit the
100 subscriber mark.
And when I came back from vocation the messor
colony received a giant grass hopper.
It was pretty nice to see the colony after
three weeks and they had grown so much while
I have been away.
Like the channel, I have been away for three
weeks and the channel had gained 400 new subscribers.
I couldn't believe what I had seen.
Some of you guys started asking for the lasius
niger colony.
So I did an update.
A review of the last two months.
The ants have been released to the old messor
out world.
Some weeks later they moved in their self
made nest.
Hundreds of larvae have been raised in this
nest at the same time.
New Ants!
Camponotus crueantatus are as big as Camponotus
ligniperda, but with a way less hibernation.
The queen I recieved has raised up three workers.
And we also had this very strange macro footage
of the queen eating a cockroach.
The colony is growing pretty fast for such
big ant species, today there are 16 workers!
And in the latest video I had to open the
expansion for the messor colony, because they
have grown so much.
Additionally you could the see extreme reaction
to water after a long drought.
When this video was uploaded, there have been
900 subs.
And now, we've reached this magical milestone
of 1000 subscribers.
At this point I wanna say thank you again.
Honestly, when I started making these videos
I never thought this channel would grow to
1000 subscribers but it's also nice to be
Once again.
Thank you guys!
See you soon!