10 Celebrities Who GAVE UP FAME To Work Normal Jobs!

2 months ago
Celebs who gave up stardom to work regular jobs! Where are they now? The famous celebrities left fame to do normal jobs.

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10 Celebrities Who Gave Up Fame To Work Normal
Vanilla Ice- after a tanking music career,
he focused more on real estate, which is something
he's done since the early ‘90s.
He realised that selling property made him
a lot of money and decided to make a career
out of it.
From hip-hop to houses, the world was shocked
with the change!
But something a little unexpected is that
he had his own reality show called, “The
Vanilla Ice Project,” which has been on
the DIY Network since 2010.
The show ended up being pretty successful,
and he even launched a real estate advice
website and released a book called, “Vanilla
Ice Project - Real Estate Guide.”
Angus T. Jones- Famous for Two and a Half
For a whopping ten years Angus has grown up
directly in the limelight.
He played the character of Jake Harper.
They say his unique combination of wit and
innocence had a lot to do with the show’s
Since leaving the show, Angus has turned to
working for a multimedia company, joining
forces with P Diddy’s son, Justin Combs,
they've been collaborating on some new ideas.
The media company is called Tonite, They say
the goal for the company is to create the
ultimate high ecstatic feeling, and want to
create something this generation has never
felt before when they attend their events.
Angus seems to be enjoying his quieter, more
peaceful life off screen.
MC Hammer- Best known for his 90s hits “U
can't touch this” and 2 Legit 2 Quit”,
MC Hammer’s eclectic clothing and awesome
dance moves defined 90s American culture.
Nowadays Stanley, Which many of you might
not know, is MC Hammer's actual real name.
He has put his music career behind him and
spends his time lecturing about media at prominent
universities across the United States.
He is now an investor in eight different tech
But that's not all he’s been up to; he has
also been helping develop apps for tablets
and smartphones!
He has had meetings with Apple, and has a
promotional deal with ipad case maker Zagg.
He has been using social media to capitalize
on his own personal brand, as well as using
that to break into new opportunities.
Dylan Sprouse- Remember the twins that co-starred
opposite Adam Sandler in Big Daddy?
And their hit tv show on Disney channel, The
Suite Life of Zack and Cody?
Dylan is now living a more private life, while
Cole is still doing some acting.
They both moved from LA to New York 7 years
ago to attend NYU.
He says he doesn’t keep in touch with celebs
from his past, and he has put acting on the
back burner when he moved away from Los Angeles.
Dylan majored in video game design and graduated
in 2015.
He has always had an unusual hobby of brew
making, and while most college kids are out
buying the cheapest alcohol they could find,
Dylan was making beer directly from his dorm
room, and was so successful at it that Dylan
now owns and runs his own brewery in Brooklyn
At 24 years old, he is the youngest master
brewer in the United States.
Jonathan Bennett- Known as the gorgeous heart
throb in the popular movie, Mean Girls.
Which came out in 2004.
Jonathan played the character of Aaron Samuels,
costar Lindsay Lohan, who played the main
character of Cady Heron.
Lindsay Lohan’s character would worship
and melt to every word he said.
Nonetheless, Jonathan Bennett has moved on
from his Mean Girls days and is now a spin
class instructor.
He was instructing at Flywheels in Los Angeles.
Jack Gleeson- Jack is an irish actor, and
best known for his character of Joffrey Baratheon
in the very popular HBO tv series Game of
Thrones, the character you love to hate.
Viewers were shocked by what happened to him
the show, but most were happy to see the evil
boy king get what he deserved.
It was also good timing in Jack’s real life
and his way to quit acting.
He had been acting since he was eight years
old and decided it was time to call it quits
and move on to something else.
He told the Independent “I just stopped
enjoying it as much as i used to...It’s
not like I hate it, it’s just not what I
want to do.”
He also said he would probably go back to
school, and you can still catch him at fan
Since 2014 he currently runs his own touring
theater company, he had a debut show called
Bears in Space, which premiered in Ireland
in 2016.
Amanda Bynes- Famous for many shows and appearances
on Nickelodeon, such as All That, and The
Amanda Show.
As well as movies such as, She’s The Man,
Hairspray, and many others.
She easily transitioned onto the big screen
holding roles in successful films while also
playing the lead role in a few romantic comedies.
Since taking a break from acting, Amanda has
begun spending her time and talents in a fashion
career and is enrolled in The Fashion Institute
of Design & Merchandising in Irvine California.
Amanda says she misses acting but she’s
living a healthy life and enjoying school
and hopes to launch her clothing line soon.
Kal Penn- Mostly known for his comedic “Harold
and Kumar” films, and the tv series, “House.”
Kal decided it was time for a change and shed
his screen name for a new chapter in his life
as he enters the public service in Washington.
In 2006 Kal started an international studies
program at Stanford, where he took most of
his courses online which made it easy to do
while he was acting, and he thought this might
be a good time to go off and do something
In 2009, Penn started working in public services
as President Barack Obama’s associate director
of the White House Office of Public Engagement.
Later on he went on to fulfill other duties
for the Obama administration and continued
to do some acting on the tv show, “How I
met your Mother.”
Kevin Jonas- A former member of the band the
Jonas Brothers, Kevin is the oldest out of
the three brothers.
After a while, the brothers began to have
disagreements and drama within the band and
caused them to breakup.
In 2012 the band announced they would be going
their separate ways.
Nick, the youngest brother of the three, is
still pursuing his music career.
Kevin married his current wife Danielle Deleasa
back in 2009.
They had their first daughter in 2014 and
are expecting another baby girl later this
Kevin has been keeping busy working as an
entrepreneur, He is the CEO of The Blu Market,
a marketing company that focuses on expanding
a company’s social reach.
But that's not all he's been doing, he also
spent some time as a contractor in the construction
He also appeared on an episode of The Real
Housewives of New Jersey, doing the construction
on Kathy Wakile’s new house.
Kevin’s definitely staying busy, but it
seems like his focus is on building a name
in the tech industry more than building homes
right now.
Frankie Muniz- Frankie will always be known
as the epic Agent Cody Banks.
And for the hit tv show Malcolm in the middle,
which premiered 15 years ago.
As well as many other shows on Disney and
Nickelodeon with Hilary Duff and Amanda Bynes.
If you were a kid in the 2000s you've definitely
have seen Muniz somewhere on tv!
He was undoubtedly very successful and gained
a massive celebrity status, but as he got
older, he had his heart set on something else.
In 2007 he became a professional racecar driver.
In 2009, Muniz was in the height of his racing
career, finishing in the top ten for every
race he participated in.
Unfortunately, he injured his wrist and was
disqualified from finishing the season.
Also in 2011 Muniz got engaged to Elycia Marie.
The couple currently lives in Arizona together,
and Frankie seems to be happy enjoying life
out of the limelight.