Best Movie to Watch in Hollywood

To start with, there are top quality actors and directors in hollywood and one best thing about them is that the making of the movie. They tend to spend crores on currencies on building up a good sets for them to work. It is not the question of the budget, it is about how well you utilize the finance and how you manage to use it in a better way is left to you. One such greatest movies of all time is Titanic. The movie was written and directed by James Cameron. Cameron hails from Canada and is a environmentalist. He was very much interested in movie making and the passion has driven him to reach heights. For those who never watch english movies, Titanic is supposed to best movie to watch hollywood. 

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The movie is based on a ship named titanic. The giant ship will be heading towards the NYC and it is supposed to be her maiden voyage. The ship was constructed by a talented group of engineers and had all the facilities. Right from kitchens to pool, everything was readily available. In her maiden voyage, she hit an Iceberg while she was crossing Atlantic ocean. Titanic was well equipped with the sensors but still it was very much late for the captain to steer it left. The ship wrecked and sank in 10 April, 1912. She hit an ice berg at 11.40 pm and there were certain lifeboats which could help the needy to escape from the scenario. It took 3 hours to break apart and by then many men were asked to stay considering children and women to safe guard.

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The above mentioned story is carved as a beautiful movie by James, starring jack dawson and kate winslet. The making is absolutely brilliant with all the special effects and all. James has wonderfully expressed a love story between Jack and Rose. Rose is supposed to be from a rich family and she falls in love with a Jack. While the ship sinks, the duo gets separated from each other. Rose would get some wooden plank to rest on and she will be finding jack. Jack swims to her and because of the negative temperature it will be very much freezing. Jack dies! Rose Cries! The story ends!

We hope this answers most of your doubts regarding best movie to watch hollywood. Just in case you have any further questions, you can always ask us in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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